circulations - circolazione für Gartenschläuche, Leuchtmittel, Stereo-Anlage, Beamer und Vibraphon
UA 2019 im Parkhaus P6 in Montepulciano, Italien
Dauer: 60''

The installation deals with the principle of circulation: the car park is temporarily turned into a public art space. Loop-based sounds are defined by a combination of field recordings and instrumentals. Video animations represent the street grid of Montepulciano and are projected on coloured tubes, creating an interplay of light, shadow and space.

Konzeption: Nathalie Brum, Carlotta Hamacher, Elisa Metz
Komposition, Visual Art: Nathalie Brum
Vibraphon: Carlotta Hamacher
Grafikdesign und Text Flyer: Elisa Metz

Dieses Projekt ist entstanden im Rahmen des Labors der Künste 2019 am Kolleg für Musik und Kunst Montepulciano, Italien.

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